Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2018

Leanan and I are having a blast at this years PPWC in Colorado Springs, meeting authors, editors, agents and of course, aspiring writers. I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on the weekend, latte in hand, while Leanan moderates some sessions. This year’s theme is “Don’t Stop” – tackling head-on the frustrations that writers like us encounter in this business. Everyone has a unique voice shaped by their own experience; many of us driven to put those characters in our head onto the page. The message is timely for us, as we’ve completed the manuscript for our first novel, Dreams of Alexander, and dive head first into its sequel, The Vengeful Sun. We’ll keep you posted as we learn the ropes on the business side and continue to unfold the tale of Hera, Macer, and the enigma that is Hadrian!

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